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Start Your Small Business Today

Many people dream of becoming their own boss someday. While many people dream of it, only a few achieve this goal. If you are one of the many that dream of working for yourself, then stop dreaming and start doing! It is within your reach to start a small business today. There are...
Residual Monthly Income

Recurring Income Business Opportunities: Utility Bill Auditing Business

Are you dreaming of recurring income? The income that you will create that will keep on generating income, month, after month, after month? It’s a good thing to dream about. And one way to get that recurring income is to start your own business. There are plenty of businesses you...
Good Business Ideas for the New Year 2016

Good Business Ideas For Next Year

If you dream of setting out to become your own boss and want to make that dream a reality, then good for you! But what does 2016 hold for you? Well, if you are highly motivated, disciplined, and don’t mind a little hard work, you could be a self employed superstar. By owning your...
Successful Utility Audit for $35,052.28

Successful Utility Audit for $35,052.28

Successful Utility Audit Results Yes, we are still conducting utility audits in addition to offering our processes for those who would like to get into this business themselves. A successful utility audit can net many dollars for both you and your clients. Check out this...
Reaching Financial Independence As An Entrepreneur

Reaching Financial Independence As An Entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamed about financial independence? Are you an entrepreneur? If you answered yes to both of these questions then it’s time you started using your entrepreneurial instincts to reach financial independence. One way to to gain financial freedom is by starting your...
Refund Check for $57,000

$57,688 Refund Check for Utility Audit

Check out this refund check for $57,688 that we got for one of our clients. Yes, it is real, and yes, you can do this too. All you need to get started is a license to our business model and we will show you everything you need to know to get started in the business of utility...
Why it is so Lucrative Saving Businesses Money

Utility Auditing Business Opportunity: 4 Reasons It’s So Lucrative To Save Businesses Money

When people dream of owning a business, they generally don’t think of starting a utility auditing business. Truth be told, owning a store or a restaurant is probably seen as more “glamorous.” But saving companies money through utility auditing can be very lucrative—a...
Shaking Hands: Veteran Business Opportunity

Veteran Business Opportunities: Utility Bill Auditing

A simple web search for veteran business opportunities brings up any number of great options. But what are the best choices for veterans looking to own their own business? Franchises are great alternatives for many veterans. Take the following quote from this Entrepreneur article...
Utility Auditing Business: Ultimate Guide

Utility Auditing Business Opportunity: The Ultimate Guide

For large companies spending thousands of dollars per year on utilities, undeserved fees and overcharges often go unnoticed for months or even years. In fact, with over 150 components to a utility bill, there is plenty of room for error. Which makes for a great utility auditing...
Start Up: Buy a Franchise?

Buying Into a Franchise: Is it Right For Me?

Decided to start your own business? Great! In that case, you may already be considering buying into a franchise. Not only does owning a franchise location provide a certain level of business safety, other advantages include: Trusted brand recognition Associating with proven...