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Differences Between A Franchise and A License

Have you ever felt like it would be great working for yourself? Imagine for a moment running your business how you want to. The stress of a rigid workplace environment would be gone. Or maybe it’s the mundane work that you want to get away from. Whatever the reason, starting your...

New Bill to Stop NLRB Decision Misses the Mark

This post was inspired by the article FY2016 Omnibus Bill Misses The Mark published on which discusses the NLRB joint employer decision and the bill that’s supposed to stop it. NLRB Decision and FY2016 Omnibus If you have been following the National Labor...
5 Questions to Ask for the Right Franchise

5 Questions to the Right Franchise

I was reading through business blogs last week and I made a note to myself to make sure to make a mention of this great article. In this article, Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses the 5 most important questions to ask yourself to determine the right franchise to implement. In this...
NLRB Joint Employer Decision Affects Franchise Workers

NLRB’s Joint Employer Decision: What it Means for Franchises

Take a look at this press release from the International Franchise Association: While Congress is Away, NLRB Still Plays, Upending Joint Employer Standard for Franchise Businesses This Joint Employer Decision is very important for the franchise and license industry. Note this...