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The Face of Entrepreneurship in 2017

Time Capsule: The Face of Entrepreneurship in 2017

This post is inspired by an interview first published on about a study done in 2007 with predictions about what entrepreneurs will look like in 10 years. Find the original report here: The Face of Entrepreneurship in 2017 What a memorable year 2007 was. It brought...
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Start Your Small Business Today

Many people dream of becoming their own boss someday. While many people dream of it, only a few achieve this goal. If you are one of the many that dream of working for yourself, then stop dreaming and start doing! It is within your reach to start a small business today. There are...
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ECS as a Business Idea For Women

As we look forward we see that more women are becoming their own bosses. Need proof? Just look at the increased number of small businesses owned by women over the past decade. As of 2012 there were close to 10 million women-owned businesses in the United States, up almost 27%...
Grateful to Be Solopreneur

Grateful to Work for Myself

Just came across this great article about working for yourself and felt I needed to share it. Take a look at this article on INC for more information: Why I’m Grateful to Be a Solopreneur
Reaching Financial Independence As An Entrepreneur

Reaching Financial Independence As An Entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamed about financial independence? Are you an entrepreneur? If you answered yes to both of these questions then it’s time you started using your entrepreneurial instincts to reach financial independence. One way to to gain financial freedom is by starting your...