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Obamanet and Internet control

Food For Thought: The Obamanet Overreach

Judges weigh a make-or-break case against heavy Web regulation. This article was inspired by The Obamanet Overreach by L. Gordon Crovitz published in The Wall Street Journal. Crovitz discusses Obamanet and the somewhat shady efforts by the FCC to put laws in place that would...
raising utility rates

Great Read: US’s Largest Utility Raising Rates

This post is inspired by an article published in Business Insider by Wolf Richter which explores how the largest utility provider is raising rates. For a more detailed account read the article The Largest Utility In the US is Jacking Up Rates. Happy New Year, We’re Raising...

New Bill to Stop NLRB Decision Misses the Mark

This post was inspired by the article FY2016 Omnibus Bill Misses The Mark published on which discusses the NLRB joint employer decision and the bill that’s supposed to stop it. NLRB Decision and FY2016 Omnibus If you have been following the National Labor...
Grateful to Be Solopreneur

Grateful to Work for Myself

Just came across this great article about working for yourself and felt I needed to share it. Take a look at this article on INC for more information: Why I’m Grateful to Be a Solopreneur