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Veteran Success Program offers a 20% discount on new business opportunity to veterans purchasing a license from ECS.

MIAMI, FL (June 22, 2016) – The ECS Business Model is launching a new program for veterans desiring to become small business owners. With the new Veteran Success Program, veterans will be able to take a 20% discount on the regular cost of the license to the business opportunity.

“We are so proud of our nation’s heroes. I’m excited to be able to show my gratitude to these veterans, by helping them get started becoming small business owners,” said Michael Lefkowitz, CEO of the ECS Business Model.

The Veterans Success Program is a way to give back to veterans for their service. Many of these veterans are coming home to find the world a different place from the one they left – often from their experiences more so than any radical change in society. When these young men and women are transitioning from the military back to civilian life, or are looking for employment, this business opportunity can grant veterans a unique chance to build on their past to create an even better future.

This utility bill auditing business opportunity teaches licensees how to audit utility bills for companies and organizations, finding savings and refunds at no risk to the client. The $5000 discount offered to the veterans will help any new veteran licensees have extra initial capital for operating and for marketing the new business. This gives the veteran a faster track to earn recurring revenue using this business model.

Joining the licensee program of the ECS Business Model helps licensees gain the support, strategy and tools necessary to create a successful utility bill auditing company. Licensees get a complete manual, detailing all aspects of utility bill auditing. Licensee also attends a detailed 3 day training at ECS headquarters in Miami, Florida. In addition to all of the initial training and support, licensees have constant access to ECS office staff with their combined utility bill auditing experience of more than 75 years.

Learn more about the new Veterans Success Program on the ECS Business Model website:

About ECS Business Services

The ECS Business Model is offered by ECS Business Services, a Florida company established in 1994. ECS has over 75 years of combined experience in utility bill auditing. Clients include hotels, healthcare facilities, non-profit organizations, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, schools/universities and businesses. With millions of potential clients, ECS determined licensing the steps to audit utility bills is the best long-term expansion strategy. Learn more about ECS Business Services at

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