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Miami-based cost reduction consultants roll out business model licensing to hopeful business owners

MIAMI, FL (August 24, 2015) – ECS Business Services has begun licensing their business model to success-driven entrepreneurs. A license for the ECS Business Model allows individuals to create their own business while relying on proven methodology and detailed training.

ECS utility auditing business opportunity licensees gain access to proprietary methods for reducing utility bill expenditures and enjoy freedom from inventory and employee stress. Because of the ECS Business Model’s low startup cost, individuals can achieve faster ROIs and makes it a perfect business opportunity for veterans, contractors and professional service providers.

The ECS Business Model is designed to allow entrepreneurs to create their own utility auditing business. ECS teaches licensees to find clients, identify savings opportunities and profit from the client’s savings. The business has two main draws: 1) That the licensee’s client is only charged if they save them money (making the service risk-free for end users) and 2) Because there are millions of utility customers nationwide, there is a large market for utility auditing businesses.

ECS Business Services is currently taking applications for their utility auditing business opportunity and recommends that candidates have $35,000 in liquid capital as well as 6-12 months of living expenses before applying. To learn more about the business and apply for a free licensing kit, visit

About ECS Business Services

ECS Business Services was established in 1994 and is committed to helping businesses by reducing their monthly utility costs. ECS Business Services has over 75 years of combined experience in utility bill auditing. Clients include hotels, healthcare facilities, non-profit organizations, multi-family dwellings of all types, office buildings, schools/universities and businesses of all sizes. No commercial or industrial account is too large. Learn more at

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