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Great Veteran Business Opportunity


NEW! Check out our Veteran Success Program, launched in June of 2016.

This is one of the great veteran business opportunities. We at ECS Business Services appreciate your service and want you to take your place in the theater of business, with other proud veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The training you received in the armed forces will help you achieve success as you build your new utility bill auditing company into a money-making machine. Whether you are just transitioning from the military or simply looking for employment, the ECS Business Model can provide you with the right chance to build on your past to create an even better future.

Placing You In Control

As a veteran, you have learned the organizational skills and dedication needed to create a successful business. Using our proven business model, you are in control of your own business and the level of success it reaches.

business opportunities for veterans

Your strength, character and skills will help you succeed.

veteran business opportunities

Veteran Business Opportunities

This business opportunity is a great career choice for veterans of all branches of the US Armed Forces:

You can use this business model to create a viable business. We at ECS have worked hard to develop a business model that allows you the opportunity to earn $100,000 or more in 24 months or less.

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