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Property Management Firms Business Opportunity

Invest in Your Future

Apartment BuildingProperty management firms may find that offering utility bill auditing services is a lucrative way to add services to existing clients. Using our proven business model, you can review your client’s current utility spend, and see if you can make them money by finding savings in places they would never know to look.

Property owners and landlords hire you because they need help managing their property. It makes sense that you would manage all parts of the property, including lowering the total utility bill costs. You could choose to add this service based on our existing model of generating revenue, or you could even choose to add this service to your clients simply to make you an even better choice for property management.

You have already built a connection and a level of trust with your clients. You will have a much smoother sales process with your existing clients, and you can help your clients lower their expenses by offering utility bill auditing.

An easy way to learn all of the intricate ins and outs of the business (and know that you aren’t missing any holes in your knowledge) is with a license to the ECS Business Model. We have the knowledge; we will train you into the methods and the secrets. Learn more about your earning potential.

Office Building

All Types of Property Managers

Whether you manage commercial or residential properties, or a mixture of both, or industrial, or anything: any client of yours spending a sum of money on utilities for existing buildings can probably find savings. You can be the one to help your client realize those savings, making your services that much more valuable.

Help Your Clients

As a property management firm you have the skills and competencies needed to run a successful business. Now you can offer services to your existing clients to help them reduce their fixed utility costs and increase their bottom line.

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