ECS Business Model - Your License to Success™
Plumbers: Business Opportunity

Existing Clients Know and Trust You

As a plumber with a plumbing company, you have existing clients who know and trust you. You can really use the ECS Business Model as an opportunity to increase your existing revenues. In addition to providing plumbing services to your clients, you can also reclaim lost money for your clients as an energy auditor as well.

This gives you a great opportunity to approach customers with ways to save money now and in the future. You have already shown your clients that you have the know-how to help the pipes run smoothly; now you can also help their accounts have more money. Best of all, there’s no risk for your customers, because you only make money if you help them reclaim theirs.

Industrial Plumbing

Fix Their Plumbing, Fix Their Bill.


Saving Money for Now and the Future

Using the ECS Business Model, you will learn how to audit all types of utility bills to find money to be saved. You can also help your clients implement systems or setups to save money in the future as well.

This opportunity is a great chance to expand beyond the typical plumbing services that most plumbers offer. You can really give your commercial and industrial clients great appreciation for you by finding money that they didn’t even know was being lost.

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