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Business Opportunity for Insurance Agents

Success Auditing Utility Bills

Insurance agents and utility bill auditing can go hand-in-hand. As an insurance agent you already have clients who know and trust you for advice on all types of financial services. Any of those clients with a building or buildings can help you create a new source of revenue by auditing their utility bills.

A large part of becoming a successful auditor is the ability to create real relationships and to sell. These should be skills that you have spent time cultivating as an insurance agent, and can now put to use as a utility bill auditor.

business opportunities for insurance agents

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Business Opportunity for Insurance Agents

Added Bonus For Insurance Agents

An added bonus to being both a utility bill auditor and an insurance agent is that you can sell customers both ways. If you find a new customer for utility bill auditing, you can then sell insurance (you know exactly what type of insurance they need). And if you find a building owner who needs insurance you can cross-sell utility bill auditing – all at no initial cost.

You have the opportunity to turn this business into something that can really improve your revenues in your capacity as an insurance agent. Many insurance agents are interested in other products to use to cross sell and increase reach, and this can really help – check out the earning potential video available, using the link below.

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