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CPAs and Financial Planners: Business Opportunity

CPAs and Financial Planners can help their existing clients by learning the art of utility bill auditing. As a CPA or Financial Planner, your clients bring their money to you for various reasons. Any one of your clients who is involved in a business spending money on utilities can be converted into a utility bill auditing client.

Obviously, if most of your clients are individuals with limited assets, or individuals with no business assets, then this business opportunity may not be for you. However, if you cater to clients who own their own businesses, or who have associates with their own businesses, then you may be well positioned to generate recurring revenue with our business model.

Planning Financial Success

Financial planning with the ECS Business Model.

Becoming A Utility Auditor

Help Your Clients Find More Money to Invest

You have clients. They like your services. If you find your clients more money to invest (money they did not realize was being overspent on utilities) then your client can have more money invested with you and your firm. This can be a value added service to offer your existing clients, and may also help you bring in new clients for either accounting work or financial planning.

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