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Business Opportunity for Electricians

As an electrician you are uniquely qualified to discuss utility bill auditing with your clients. You already have knowledge of the inner workings of electric utilities – learn how to audit utility bills and you can help your clients save money on their utility bills month after month.

Lowering Utility Expenses

You can review the location for areas that can reduce income expenses based on your knowledge of electricity. By adding utility bill auditing to your list of services, you can also audit for potential savings from all utilities, and from a different perspective, giving your client even more opportunities to save money.

Power Lines

You have a great opportunity to add value-added services to your list of solutions you are offering your clients. You can create a new stream of revenue in addition to your typical electrical services. Auditing utility bills generates recurring revenues from each client.


Let Your Clients Love You

How do you think your client will react if you show the client how to save an extra $20,000 per year? How about if you tell them that you are getting a refund delivered for $50,000?

These are examples of real results that we and associates have achieved for real clients. See this writeup of an audit for $35,000 and this refund check for over $57,000.

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