ECS Business Model - Your License to Success™

Great Business Opportunity for Business Consultants

Business consultants help others better manage their business. This can easily include helping your business clients with their utility bills – a great business opportunity to help you expand your reach.

Business Consultants

What better way to do this than to become a utility bill auditor? As a business consultant auditing utility bills, while already discussing changes with your business clients, you can also go through their past utility bills, such as electric, gas, and sewer bills, and find any errors or billing issues. You then help them reclaim their money or start saving money going forward. Your clients will love the savings you offer.

The ECS Business Model Difference

With our business model license (instead of purchasing a franchise), you are able to present unique, money saving strategies to your clients. The ECS Business Model offers risk-free services to clients, with no upfront fees. Your client is ONLY charged if you save them money.

Group Discussion with Business Consultant

Help your clients reclaim money they didn't know was gone.

business opportunities for entrepreneurs

The ECS Business Model system teaches business consultants to audit any kind of utility bill. By learning how to audit every type of utility company you open the door to help any of the millions of companies using utilities in the United States.

No Royalties; Not a Franchise

You can use our business model license as much or as little as you want, and we don’t charge any royalty fees. That is because this is a license to a business model and not a business franchise (see the difference between a license and a franchise).

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