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License vs Franchise: Pros & Cons

Remember, a franchisor wants to make sure that their brand image stays uniform across all locations, and therefore restricts many of the things that you can or can’t do. This is why a license vs franchise can easily be the better choice – and the ECS Business Model may make the most sense of all – it allows a greater total freedom than a franchise.

See our special comparisons of a license vs franchise here, with more details on each comparison page.

ECS License

Typical Franchise

ECS License: Operate anywhere – even nationwide.

Typical Franchise: Territory Restrictions and corporate location approval.
Learn more about operating anywhere.

ECS License: Same low monthly licensing fee, no matter how much you make.*

Typical Franchise: Ongoing royalty fees, including a percentage of sales.
Learn more about no royalties.

ECS License: No employees or inventory.

Typical Franchise: Must hire and fire employees and maintain costly inventory.
Learn more about no employees necessary and no inventory.

ECS License: Your business to operate without external interference.

Typical Franchise:Rules, regulations and policy dictated by franchisor.
Learn more about no interference.

ECS License: Expand to other client services as you see fit.

Typical Franchise: Must operate business exactly how franchisor demands.
Learn more about expanding as you see fit.

ECS License: Your office, your furniture, your style – have it look however you want.

Typical Franchise:Leasehold improvements and ongoing repair and maintenance often required.
Learn more about no leasehold improvements.
ECS License: An ECS license allows you greater freedom. You will have to freedom to make your own decisions on the operation of your business.
Typical Franchise: Franchises dictate how you run your business and make business decisions for you.

Now that you see the basic comparisons of a license vs franchise, are you ready to see what your earning potential is? Take your first step toward your own successful future:

Earning Potential

*ECS reserves the right to restrict southern Florida as its home base of operations.