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Differences Between A Franchise and A License

Have you ever felt like it would be great working for yourself? Imagine for a moment running your business how you want to. The stress of a rigid workplace environment would be gone. Or maybe it’s the mundane work that you want to get away from. Whatever the reason, starting your...
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Start Your Small Business Today

Many people dream of becoming their own boss someday. While many people dream of it, only a few achieve this goal. If you are one of the many that dream of working for yourself, then stop dreaming and start doing! It is within your reach to start a small business today. There are...
5 Steps to Success in Business

Great Article: 5 Skills You Must Develop to Succeed in Business

This posting is inspired by an article on, you can read it here: 5 Skills You Must Develop to Succeed in Business.   Recently I read an article by Steve Tobak, author of Real Leaders Don’t Follow. In his book he explains to us how entrepreneurs can start, build,...
I Failed Sales 101

I Failed Sales 101

Thirty years in the hotel business and 10+ years in my current utility auditing business, and I thought I knew all about sales and sales psychology. I was wrong. Very wrong. Sales Case Study Together with an ECS Business Services associate, I presented the ECS utility cost...
How to Become Your Own Boss

How to Become Your Own Boss

It’s a thought we’ve all had: What would it be like to become my own boss? I could plan my days how I want, manage my company my way, even work in a variety of industries. Some people may want to start a consulting firm—others, a small business. It all depends on you and your...