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Utility Bill Auditing Business Opportunity

Welcome to the ECS Business Model Blog. Here you will find well wishes, information about what we do, and sometimes even tips and tricks to help you on your journey to find success. You will also occasionally find links to relevant news stories, usually with an opinion on the news story.

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I Failed Sales 101
Thirty years in the hotel business and 10+ years in my current utility auditing business, and I thought I knew all about sales and sales psychology. I was wrong. Very wrong. Sales Case Study Together with an ECS Business Services associate, I presented the ECS utility cost reduction model to the President of a condominium association. The President was all in favor, and indeed he said that... Read More →
Reaching Financial Independence As An Entrepreneur
Have you ever dreamed about financial independence? Are you an entrepreneur? If you answered yes to both of these questions then it’s time you started using your entrepreneurial instincts to reach financial independence. One way to to gain financial freedom is by starting your own business. And if you are of an entrepreneurial mindset then starting your own business has probably been on your... Read More →
Refund Check for $57,000
Check out this refund check for $57,688 that we got for one of our clients. Yes, it is real, and yes, you can do this too. All you need to get started is a license to our business model and we will show you everything you need to know to get started in the business of utility bill auditing. Real Achievable Results You can get results like this by working hard, doing your due diligenc... Read More →
How to Become Your Own Boss
It’s a thought we’ve all had: What would it be like to become my own boss? I could plan my days how I want, manage my company my way, even work in a variety of industries. Some people may want to start a consulting firm—others, a small business. It all depends on you and your vision. And your vision will need to be solidified before you quit your day job to launch your own company. Are you... Read More →
Why it is so Lucrative Saving Businesses Money
When people dream of owning a business, they generally don’t think of starting a utility auditing business. Truth be told, owning a store or a restaurant is probably seen as more “glamorous.” But saving companies money through utility auditing can be very lucrative—and fulfilling—as proven by our ECS Business Model. Why? For one, billing errors happen way more often than you think. Take the... Read More →
Shaking Hands: Veteran Business Opportunity
A simple web search for veteran business opportunities brings up any number of great options. But what are the best choices for veterans looking to own their own business? Franchises are great alternatives for many veterans. Take the following quote from this Entrepreneur article on the “Top 10 Franchises for Veterans”: “The International Franchise Association (IFA) estimates that one out of... Read More →
Utility Auditing Business: Ultimate Guide
For large companies spending thousands of dollars per year on utilities, undeserved fees and overcharges often go unnoticed for months or even years. In fact, with over 150 components to a utility bill, there is plenty of room for error. Which makes for a great utility auditing business opportunity. At ECS, we’ve helped companies reclaim thousands of dollars in lost funds—sometimes hundreds... Read More →
Energy Audit Business Supplies
Today, we’re going to talk about licensing an energy audit business. Unlike other types of companies, energy auditing consists of a very unique business model: one of recovering lost funds and/or finding the right price in the future. Unfortunately, overcharges happen all the time. Take the example of “Washington City Council refunds $64K to overcharged utilities customers,” where... Read More →
Start Up: Buy a Franchise?
Decided to start your own business? Great! In that case, you may already be considering buying into a franchise. Not only does owning a franchise location provide a certain level of business safety, other advantages include: Trusted brand recognition Associating with proven products or services High levels of quality and customer service Joint advertising and market campaigns All great... Read More →
Starting a Utility Bill Auditing Company
So you’ve decided to start your own utility bill auditing company. Great! But where to begin?  Before you get too confused and overwhelmed by the details, read this brief overview on creating a utility bill auditing company—and discover why the ECS Business Model may be perfect for you. Start from Scratch vs. License: Which is best for me? Start with this basic question: Do I want to start... Read More →