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Welcome to the ECS Business Model Blog. Here you will find well wishes, information about what we do, and sometimes even tips and tricks to help you on your journey to find success. You will also occasionally find links to relevant news stories, usually with an opinion on the news story.

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Dec 2015
Happy Holidays 2015
Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays from all of us here at the ECS Business Model. The holiday season is upon us once again. It feels like only yesterday that we were enjoying the long summer days and soaking up the sun (although here in Florida, we are still soaking up the sun, just not quite as much). Enjoy this time with your family and with your loved ones. Being the holiday season, you may... Read More →
Residual Monthly Income
Are you dreaming of recurring income? The income that you will create that will keep on generating income, month, after month, after month? It’s a good thing to dream about. And one way to get that recurring income is to start your own business. There are plenty of businesses you can start, but how many of these recurring income business opportunities can make you happy, give you freedom, and... Read More →
How To Become A Utility Auditor
Perhaps you have heard great things about utility and energy bill auditing and you decided to start your own business, fantastic! Now that you know what you want to do, do you know how to do it? If not, that’s okay. The ECS Business Model is here to help you work through the murky waters as you become a utility auditor. Let’s look at a few of the steps you need to take. Step One: Decide... Read More →
5 Questions to Ask for the Right Franchise
I was reading through business blogs last week and I made a note to myself to make sure to make a mention of this great article. In this article, Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses the 5 most important questions to ask yourself to determine the right franchise to implement. In this article, on, Jeffrey discusses 5 questions to ask yourself after you have decided to buy a franchise... Read More →
How Do I Start My Own Business?
Are you thinking about starting your own business? If so, great! This is a very exciting and unnerving time for you. The decision to take a leap to self employment is monumental. While you’re making this decision, it’s good to think think through some of the questions you may have regarding your new business. Questions like: What type of business will I start? Do I want a franchise or a... Read More →
Nov 2015
Happy Thanksgiving 2015
Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the ECS Business Model! Now is a time for giving thanks and appreciating what we have. It is also a time for turkey and football (yay!). For most entrepreneurs, even when we are off, we are on. Meaning, even when we could possibly be relaxing, our brains are still working on solutions to problems and possible business ideas. So... Read More →
Grateful to Be Solopreneur
Just came across this great article about working for yourself and felt I needed to share it. Take a look at this article on INC for more information: Why I’m Grateful to Be a Solopreneur Read More →
Good Business Ideas for the New Year 2016
If you dream of setting out to become your own boss and want to make that dream a reality, then good for you! But what does 2016 hold for you? Well, if you are highly motivated, disciplined, and don’t mind a little hard work, you could be a self employed superstar. By owning your own business you will have the freedom to decide how and when to run your business. Let’s take a minute to learn... Read More →
5 Steps to Success in Business
This posting is inspired by an article on, you can read it here: 5 Skills You Must Develop to Succeed in Business.   Recently I read an article by Steve Tobak, author of Real Leaders Don’t Follow. In his book he explains to us how entrepreneurs can start, build, and run successful companies in highly competitive global markets. In the article, Five Skills You Must Develop To... Read More →
Successful Utility Audit for $35,052.28
Successful Utility Audit Results Yes, we are still conducting utility audits in addition to offering our processes for those who would like to get into this business themselves. A successful utility audit can net many dollars for both you and your clients. Check out this successful utility bill audit we conducted back in June of this year. This is the letter coming from the city of Boynton... Read More →